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The idea

I developed Language Café because I found that for many people, the traditional classroom environment was too sterile and impersonal. Being able to use your newly learned language in a natural everyday environment is key. Many people who come to me have previously visited group courses, and though they have learnt a lot, were not able to use the language in real life.


Language Café

At Language Café, the lessons are usually held in a cafe. Because you’re in a public place, you feel as if you’re out having a conversation with a friend instead of a lesson. This causes you to relax and to freely use the language without feeling shy or embarrassed. At Language Café, lessons are private with no more than two participants. This is a much more effective way to reach your goals efficiently, and the lessons are flexible.

The Teacher

Natascha Niederer

I love teaching! Helping you achieve your goals is my passion. Therefore, I decided to become a qualified language teacher.

I have been teaching for over 10 years in Australia, Belgium, Japan, and here in Switzerland. I teach kids an adults all ages and all levels.

My aim is to make learning fun. In our first lesson, I determine your learning style and what we need to focus on.

Let’s have fun together!



German and English lessons for kids and adults any level

If you book 20 lessons or more, you will receive a 5% discount

Lessons are held in Zurich at suitable café. Kids can also have their lessons at home

Flexible. Create your lessons as you like

Personal. You learn what is useful for your daily life

Learning should be enjoyable


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Natascha Niederer
8006 Zürich


078 698 29 99

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